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Nike Vapor Pro DriverNike Vapor Pro Driver

Nike Vapor Pro Driver

Manufacturer Nike Golf Email
Sales price R4999,00
The Pro version also has a pear shaped head but still at 460cc head size, Designed for the golfer looking for a penetrating flight.

Rory McIIroy first used this driver at the 2014 Ryder Cup

The Nike Vapor Driver Features 

  • Three Models - Speed, Flex, Pro
  • Flex Flight Technology ( Vapor Flex Driver Only)
  • Compression Channel
  • Flex Loft 2.0
  • Fly

Compression Channel - The new Vapor drivers all have the compression channel has been resigned with a wider channel in the toe and heel, and a narrower channel in the center of the club. Nike have done this so you are getting the maximum confirming ball speed allowed but you are getting alot more forgiveness and performance out of the off center strikes.

Flex Flight is a cartridge cylinder that has been made from a high density weight that can move the center of gravity within the club head so you can choose from a Mid flight option to a low flight option. 

The new refined Flex Loft 2.0 has had a weight reduction, Thirty percent lighter than the previous model

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